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On Tuesday, May 27, 2008 the Board of Directors unanimously approved an additional benefit for our members.  Effective immediately, all members in good standing will receive a complimentary custom finisher's certificate.  This certificate will be sent to all members who have completed the states.  This includes everyone who has completed the states to date, and all members who complete the states in the future. To receive your certificate, you must be a member in good standing (current on your dues), and contact Dave Bell by email at run26.2dave@gmail.com. Please include: your name as you want it printed on the certificate, your hometown city and state (when you finished), the number of times you finished, the name of your finishing marathon the date of your finish, and your mailing address.   For those members who would like to purchase an additional copy, the price will be $6 each.   Certified Finisher Certificate Sample     Finisher Certificate Sample

For additional information contact Dave Bell  run26.2dave@gmail.com

Complimentary Finisher’s Certificate for the 50 States Marathon Club

The 50 States Marathon Club now offers a complimentary custom Finishers Certificate for all members that have completed a marathon in all 50 States.
You must be an active member in good standing with dues paid.  
Complete the application below and email it to Dave Bell at

Your name as you want it printed on the certificate  


Your home town – City and State (when you completed the states)


Is this your ___ 1st finish ___  2nd finish ___  3rd finish  ___ 4th finish     ___ finish

Name of the Marathon  


Date of your marathon finish        


Location of your marathon finish (city, state)


If your finish was certified, it will be noted on the certificate.          

Your Mailing Address for Certificate

Name                __________________________________________________

Address             __________________________________________________

City                   __________________________________________________

State                 _____________              Zip _____________                                                                           

Email address in case we have questions:


Phone number if you don’t have email:



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