Club Rules and Guidelines for Marathons

Date of latest update: 05/02/16


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Rules:  The following rules have been adopted by the Board of Directors of the 50 State Marathon Club for the sole purpose of providing all members a defined, practical guideline for the events/races that will count towards the member's goal of completion of the marathon distance (or longer) in each of the 50 states.   While the Club does recognize many other marathon accomplishments by members, including century milestones, Canadian provinces, countries, etc., the following rules are specific to the 50 events/races members will use to account for completion of marathon distance (or longer) in each state. These rules will take effect on 1/1/2013; events prior to 1/1/2013 will be considered using the old rules.

1. A marathon must be the full distance of 26 miles 385 yards (42.195 km) and an ultra is defined as any distance greater than the marathon distance.  For a non-certified course to count, the race organization must make a good faith effort to ensure that the course is at least the marathon distance.  The event must be announced as a marathon or ultra.   The participant must traverse the entire race course as defined by the organizers.

2. The event shall have an announced race director, race organization and/or running club to supervise and take responsibility for the event, and be available to certify the runner's completion of the distance. It must have had a minimum of 60 days advanced publicity in a running publication, magazine, newspaper, web site or race brochure.  Verifiable results must be maintained and/or posted to the general public.  Someone who is not running in the event must be available to time it.

3. The event shall have a minimum of 10 finishers.  If an ultra and a marathon are being held simultaneously, the combined number of runners may meet this rule.

4. A marathon shall be run without interruption except for natural events such as a thunderstorm.  A run temporarily interrupted by a natural event can be counted if at least 26 miles 385 yards (42.195 km) has been completed, and is allowed by the race director.

5. A stage or multi-day event will only count as one event unless a participant can register for single stages of the event and at least one day’s stage must include the distance of 26 miles 385 yards (42.195 km) or further.

6. Completion of at least a 26 mile 385 yard (42.195 km) portion of an ultra may be counted as a marathon, if the race director so designates.   Similarly, if permitted by the race director, completion of a minimum distance greater than a marathon in any ultra event may be considered as an ultra.  However, if the race director and race rules do not accept those shorter distances as an event, then it cannot be counted. 

7. Each member shall retain some information to substantiate each event, such as: a finisher's certificate, published event results (, result card, result book, newspaper, etc.), race bib number
AND medal (both required for this option).  The bib and medal option will only be accepted for events for which no published results are available, and are not acceptable under any circumstances for certain events.  Please see the examples section, #13. Members may use the bib and medal option for up to two events which occurred during or after the year 2000. 

8. The event must either start or finish in the state being counted. A marathon that has a route that runs into two states cannot be counted as two states; it counts as one.

9. Guides, ultra distance “handlers”, pacers, and bandits may not count the event if they did not have assigned bib numbers and verifiable finishing results.  One must be a registered participant for the event to count.

10. “Shadow”, “satellite”, or "virtual" events will not be accepted.   These are events which are held in conjunction with a regular, organized marathon event, but in a separate location. The race must physically occur in the state for which it is being counted.

11. The finisher award will be provided at no additional cost to all finishers who have been club members who are caught up on all dues and have been club members for more than two years prior to their finish date.   The finisher award may be purchased for $50 for all finishers who are caught up on all dues and have been club members for more than one year but less than two years prior to their finish date.  Finishers who do not meet either of these requirements or are Lifetime Members may elect to purchase the award for $100.  Please contact for information on purchasing an award.     


1. Both marathons and ultras are counted towards completion of the states. The marathon portion of a full triathlon or Ironman event may be counted as a marathon. 

2. If a member is allowed to start a race early, it is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the race committee corrects that member's time accordingly.  If a race does not allow an early start, the participant taking an unofficial early start (not permitted or recognized by the race director) may be disqualified by the race director and the race cannot be counted towards completion of the states. An official timer must be present to record the early starters

3. Completion of the circuit will be accomplished when a member has completed a marathon or ultra in each of the 50 states of the 
USA (DC is not required).  A verification committee will decide if a finisher has completed the circuit of the 50 states and a complimentary trophy will be ordered and presented to the member.  It is recommended that you notify the club ahead of time so that your upcoming finish can be listed on the club schedule page and other finishing information can be provided to you.

4. When a member has completed the 50 US states he/she needs to email or mail a list of the marathon/ultra completed in each state including: the name of the race, the location of the race, the date completed, and the finishing time to:

Verification Committee
50 States Marathon Club
PO Box 22517
Santa Fe, NM 87502 (Beth Davenport, Verification) (Paula Boone, Membership)
5. Hard copy documentation of the completion of each state must be sent to the Verification Committee before a finish will be “
certified”.  Please retain records as stated in rule (7) above from each of the races and upon completion of the states, submit a copy of at least one item of proof for each of the 50 states. Please read the rules carefully and submit any questions you may have to the Verification committee.  If there is a disagreement within the committee, please notify the Board of Directors to help resolve any issues. Certification is not required.  

6. There is no time limit for completion of the circuit.

Will My Run Count?

Below is a short checklist of questions to ask yourself about events which you have run.   If you can answer ‘yes’ to each question, then there is an excellent chance that an event you ran will count towards your 50 state goal.  If, after completing this checklist, you still have questions, please contact Beth Davenport,

1- Was the race announced and run as a marathon of 26 miles 385 yards (42.195 km) or an ultra if it is further?

2- Did the race have a director, organization and/or running club taking responsibility for the event?

3- Was there at least 60 days advanced publicity of the event in a recognized running web site or publication?

4- Are the results posted to the public?

5- Were there at least 10 finishers?

6- Was the event completed without interruption?

7- Did the member retain some information to substantiate completion of the event (i.e. results)?

8- Did the event start or finish in the state being counted?

9- Was the member a registered participant of the event being counted?


1. The Marine Corps Marathon counts as Virginia because it starts and ends in Virginia.  Additionally, the National Marathon, Washington DC Marathon, Adebe Bikela, and Potomac River Run which begin and end inside DC do not count towards the state count because the District of Columbia is not a state. 

2. If a race starts in one state, crosses into another state, and returns to the original state, it may only be counted for the state where the race started and ended. (Example: The Flying Pig Marathon begins in OH, crosses into KY, and finishes in OH.  It may only be counted for OH.)

3. If a race starts in one state and ends in another, it may be counted once for either the state where it started or where it ended.  If the same event is run on a subsequent year, the race may be counted for the other state.  (Example: The Hatfield McCoy Marathon begins in KY and ends in WV and may be counted for either state. Fargo 2014 began in MN and ended in ND.)

4. The Tahoe Triple, which is held over three days, can be counted as three races because participants may sign up for any one of the three races.

5. The Marathon de Sables, which is a multi-day stage race, counts as one event because participants are not allowed to run single day stages.

6. Running a 10K race four times plus 2.125K does not qualify as a marathon event, neither does running a half-marathon twice.

7. Running at least 50 miles of the Umstead 100 counts as an event because the race allows participants to count a 50 mile finish once they complete at least 50 miles and less than 100. 

8. Timed events (8 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour, 48 hour, etc.) can be counted as one race as long as the individual covers at least 26 miles 385 yards (42.195 km), there are lap counters, and verifiable results are maintained and/or posted to the general public. Additionally, any event can only count as one event.   A runner may not pay multiple times, run multiple marathon distances and count the event more than once.

9. The Hood to Coast Relay cannot be counted because the race is not run without interruption.

10. “Relay for Life”, "Fat Ass", “Big Butt”, or "OYO (On Your Own) events where there is no race director, race organization, or running club to supervise and take responsibility for the event can not be counted because verifiable results are not maintained and/or posted to the general public and there is not a race director or organization in charge at the time of the event.  Occasionally there are marathons and ultras that are run in national and state parks.  Sometimes the park ranger (or person in charge) will not permit foot races in their park.  Thus, the race director will announce on his website that the event is not a race in order to stay within the park rules.  This type of race is acceptable towards a state count as long as there are verifiable results maintained and there is a race director or organization in charge. (Example: Cactus Rose 2020 can be run at any time)

11. If an event is cancelled prior to the start, it will not count.  (Example: Myrtle Beach 2010, Southern Indiana Classic 2011, Death Valley Trail 2011, NYC 2012, Run with the Devil 2013, Crazy Horse 2013, St. Jude Memphis 2013, Dallas 2013, GW Birthday 2014, Minneapolis 2014, Boulder 2014, Sedona 2015, Hyannis 2015, Cowtown 2015, GW Birthday 2015 date changed, Jim's Goose Chase 2015, Frankenthon 2015, Clearwater 2016, Race the Lake 2016, MS Blues 2017, Irving 2017, Big D 2017,Golden Driller 2017, Vancouver USA 2017, Adirondack 2017, Appalachian Series GA, AL and FL 2018, Cotton Land 2018, MLK Race for the Dreams 2019, Green Bay 2019, Heartland 2019, 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut 2020, 3 Bridges 2020,
Adirondack 2020, Adrenaline Race 2020, Akron 2020, Alamo City Ultra 2020, Alaska Series 2020, All American 2020, All Out Beat the Heat 2020, American Discovery Trail 2020, Anchorage Mayor's 2020, Anchorage RunFest (Humpy's) 2020, Andrew Jackson 2020, Ann Arbor 2020, Appalachian Series 2020, Apple Dumpling Day 2020, Appletree 2020, Armed Services Oktoberfest 2020, Armory NYC Indoor 2020, Armory Track Indoor 2020, Arrowhead Endurance 2020, Asheville Biltmore 2020, Aspen Valley 2020, Athens (OH) 2020, Atlantic City 2020, Autumn Leaves Ultra (OR) 2020, Autumn River (NE) 2020, Avenue of the Giants 2020, B&A Trail 2020, Backside Trail 2020, Badwater 135 2020, Bakersfield 2020, Baltimore 2020, Bataan Memorial Death March 2020, Bay of Fundy 2020, Bayshore 2020, Baystate 2020, BCS (Bryan/College Station) 2020, Beach to Bay 2020, Bear Brook Trail NH) 2020, Beast of Burden Summer 2020, Beat the Blerch 2020, Beebe Farm 2020, Belleville Main Street (IL) 2020, Bellingham Bay 2020, Bellingham Trail 2020, Bemidji Blue Ox 2020, Bend 2020, Beyond Limits Ultra 2020, BG26.2 2020, BHM 26.2 2020, Big Cottonwood 2020, Big Sur 2020, Big Sur Trail 2020, Bismarck 2020, Bizz Johnson 2020, Blooms to Brews 2020, Blue Ridge 2020, Blue Ridge Series 2020, Blue Sky 2020, Blue Springs Trail 2020, Bobcat Trail 2020, Boise 2020, Boring 2020, Born to Run Ultra 2020, Bosque Bigfoot Trail (NM) 2020, Boston 2020, Boston Bound (GA) 2020, Boulder Rez 2020, Bozeman 2020, BQ.2 Spring Chance 2020, Brazos Bend 50 2020, Brazos Bend 100 2020, Brooklyn 2020, Buffalo 2020, Bulldog Ultra 2020, California International 2020, Cannonball (NC) 2020, Cape Cod 2020, Cape Cod Moves Y-Not Trail 2020, Capital City (WA) 2020, Caribou 2020, Carmel 2020, Cascade Express 2020, Cascade Super Express Ultra 2020, Casper 2020, Catalina Island 2020, Cedro Peak 2020, Center of the Nation Series 2020, Charlotte 2020, Charlottesville 2020, Charlevoix 2020, Chasing the Unicorn 2020, Cheyenne 2020, Chicago 2020, Chicagoland 2020, Chickamauga Battlefield 2020, Chili Pepper Series Day 3 & 4 2020, Cheap 2020, Chisholm Trail 2020, Cinderella Trail (Spring) 2020, Circular Logic 2020, City of Oaks 2020, City of Trees 2020, Clarence Demar 2020, Cleveland 2020, Cloverdale Vineyard 2020, Coastal Delaware 2020, Colfax (CO) 2020, Colorado (Ft. Collins) 2020, Colorado Springs 2020, Columbia Gorge 2020, Columbus 2020, Cook Park 2020, Coyote Trail Run 2020, Crandic 2020, Crater Lake Rim 2020, Croom Trail 50 Fools Run 2020, Crown King Scramble 2020, Cummins Mill Race (IN) 2020, Dallas 2020, The Dam (OR) 2020, Dances with Dirt (MI) 2020, Dances with Dirt Devil's Lake 2020, Dances with Dirt Gnaw Bone 2020, Day of the Dead Series 2020, Deadwood Mickelson Trail 2020, Delaware 2020, Deseret News 2020, Des Moines 2020, Des Plaines River Trail 2020, Detroit 2020, Dizzy Goat 2020, Duke City 2020, Dust Bowl Series 2020. Eau Claire 2020, Eisenhower 2020, El Loco Taco 2020, Ely (MN) 2020, Emerald Isle (NC) 2020, Empire State 2020, Endurance Santa Fe 2020, Equinox 2020, Erie at Presque Isle 2020, Estes Park 2020, Eugene 2020, Fall 50 (WI) 2020, Fall Equinox (CO) 2020, Famous Idaho Potato 2020, FANS Ultra 2020, Fargo 2020, Farm Park (MD) 2020, Fat Ox 2020, Fiesta Series (NM) 2020, Flying Pig 2020, Foot Traffic Flat 2020, Four Corners Quad Keyah 2020, Fox Cities 2020, Fox Valley 2020, Franklin Mountains Trail 2020, Free State Trail 2020, Freedom's Run (WV) 2020, Frosty Looper 8 Hour 2020, GAP (WI) 2020, GAP Trestles 2020, Garmin in the Land of Oz 2020, Gate City (NH) 2020, Ghost of Seattle 2020, Glass City 2020, God's Country 2020, Golden Driller 2020, Golden Gate Headlands 2020, Governor's Cup (MT) 2020, Grand Lake (OH) 2020, Grand Rapids 2020, Grandfather Mountain 2020, Grand Forks Wild Hog 2020, Grandma's 2020, Grasslands Trail (TX) 2020, Green Bay 2020, Green Mountain 2020, Greenbrier Trail 2020, Griffith Park Trail 2020, Grizzly Peak 2020, Habanero Hundred 2020, Hachie 50 2020, Hall of Fame 2020, Hamilton Nightglow (OH) 2020, Hamptons 2020, Hancock (MD) 2020, Hartford 2020, HAT Run 50K (MD) 2020, Hatfield & McCoy 2020, Haulin in the Holler 2020, Hawai'i Bird Conservation 2020, Hawk 100 2020, Heartland Series 2020, Hogeye 2020, Honest Abe 2020, Honolulu 2020, Hoover Dam 2020, Horse Capital 2020, Horseshoe Lake Trail 2020, Houston 2020, Houston Running Festival 2020, Huntsville Utah 2020, Idaho Falls 2020, Illinois 2020, Independence Series 2020, Indianapolis Monumental 2020, Ironman Louisville 2020, Irving 2020, Jack & Jill Downhill (ID) 2020, Jack & Jill Downhill (WA), Jackrabbit Jubilee 2020, Jacksonville 2020, Jemez Mountain Trail 2020, Journeys (WI) 2020, Juneau 2020, Kalamazoo 2020, Kansas City 2020, Kauai 2020, Kentucky Derby Festival 2020, Kiawah Island 2020, Kingdom (VT) 2020, Knoxville 2020, Kona 2020, Labor of Love 2020, Lake Chabot 2020, Lake Mead 2020, Lake Tahoe Triple 2020, Lake Wobegon 2020, Last Chance (WA) 2020, Last Chance BQ.2 (IL) 2020, Leadville Trail 2020, Leadville Race Series 2020, Leavenworth Oktoberfest 2020, Leona Divide 2020, Light at the End of the Tunnel 2020, Lincoln 2020, Lithia Loop Trail 2020, LOCO (NH) 2020, Long Beach 2020, Long Island 2020, Lubbock Mayor's 2020, Mad (VT) 2020, Mad City Ultras 2020, Madeline Island 2020, Madison (Mad City-WI) 2020, Magnolia 2020, Maine 2020, Maine Coast 2020, Mankato 2020, Marathon 2 Marathon (TX) 2020, Marine Corps 2020, Maritime 2020, Marquette 2020, Marshall University 2020, Martha's Vineyard 2020, Martian 2020, Maui 2020, Med City 2020, Midsouth 2020, Millinocket 2020, Milwaukee 2020, Milwaukee Lakefront 2020, Mississippi Coast 2020, Missoula 2020, MO Cowbell 2020, Modesto 2020, Mogollon Monster 100 2020, Mohawk Hudson 2020, Monster (NY) 2020, Monster Mash 2020, Moose Mountain 2020, Morgantown (WV) 2020, Mount Desert Island 2020, Mountains 2 Beach 2020, Mt. Taylor 50K (NM) 2020, Muir Woods 2020, Mystery Mountain 2020, Naatsisaan Trail Ultra 2020, Naked Prussian 2020, Napa Valley Trail 2020, New England Challenge-Granite State 2020, New England Challenge-Maple Leaf 2020, New England Challenge-Old Colony 2020, New England Challenge-Red Island 2020, New England Green River 2020, New England Series 2020, New Hampshire 2020, New Jersey 2020, New York City 2020, Newport (OR) 2020, Newport (RI) 2020, Niagara Falls 2020, Nipmuck Trail 2020, NJ Ultra Festival 2020, North Central Trail 2020, North East Series 2020, North Olympic Discovery Trail 2020, Northwest Series 2020, Oakland 2020,OC 2020, Odyssey Trail 2020, Ogden 2020, Oh, Boy 2020, Oklahoma City 2020, Operation Jack 2020, ORRRC 2020, Otter Creek 2020, Outer Banks OBX 2020, Paavo Nurmi 2020, Pacific Crest 2020, Pacific Northwest 2020, Palm Beaches 2020, Panama City Beach 2020, Paris Pair (TX) 2020, Philadelphia 2020, Pineline 2020, Pisgah Mountain Trail 2020, Pittsburgh 2020, Playin' Possum 50K 2020, Pocatello 2020, Portland (OR) 2020, Possum's Revenge 2020, Potomac River Run 2020, Potomac River Run Fall 2020, Prairie Series 2020, Prince of Wales 2020, Pure Kona Coffee 2020, Quad Cities 2020, Queens 2020, Race the Lake (NY) 2020, Race4Warriors 2020, Rails to Trails Norwalk 2020, RDC (NC) 2020, Redwood Trail (Spring) 2020, Rehoboth Beach 2020, Revel Big Bear 2020, Revel Mt. Hood 2020, Revel Rockies 2020, Rhinebeck Hudson Valley 2020, Richmond 2020, Rim Rock 2020, Riverboat Series 2020, Rochester (NY) 2020, Rock n' Roll DC 2020, Rock n' Roll Las Vegas 2020, Rock n' Roll Nashville 2020, Rock n' Roll San Antonio 2020, Rock n' Roll San Diego 2020, Rock n' Roll Savannah 2020, Rock n' Roll Seattle 2020, Rocket City (AL) 2020, Rockin' K 2020, Rogue (OR) 2020, Route 66 2020, Roxbury 2020, Ruidoso 2020, Run Amok 2020, Run for the Lakes (MN) 2020, Run for the Red 2020, Run LoCo 2020, Run4Kids Ultra (CA) 2020, Run4Troops 2020, Runnin with the Devil 2020, Running for the Bay (FL) 2020, Runoff Runoff 2020, Runners of Reston (VA) 2020, Runs with Scissors 2020, Run WoodStock 2020, Salisbury (MD) 2020, Salisbury Viaduct 2020, Salt Lake City 2020, San Francisco 2020, San Juan Island 2020, Sand Hills 2020, Sandia Crest (NM) 2020, Santa Clarita 2020, Santa Rosa 2020, Savin Rock 2020, Seabrook Lucky Trails 2020, Seattle 2020, Sedona 2020, Sehgahunda Trail 2020, Shamrock 2020, Shawnee (IL) 2020, Silo District 2020, Silver Falls Trail 2020, Sioux Falls 2020, Skagit Flats 2020, Skyline to the Sea (CA) 2020, Sleeping Bear 2020, SOCAL 2020, Southern Most 2020, Spinx RunFest 2020, Spokane 2020, Squak Mountain 2020, St. George 2020, St. Louis 2020, St. Jude Memphis 2020, Stars & Stripes 2020, Starved Rock 2020, State Fair (NE) 2020, Steamboat 2020, Steamtown 2020, Stinson Beach 2020, Storm the Dam 2020, Strolling Jim Marathon 2020, Stone Cat 2020, Suffolk County 2020, Sugarloaf 2020, Summer Camp Series (MN) 2020, Summer Blast @ Redmond Watershed 2020, Sunburst 2020, Surfers Path 2020, Swan Lake 2020, Sweet Southern Discomfort Series 2020, Tacoma City 2020, Tahoe Rim Trail Ultra 2020, Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic 2020, Taos 2020, Thunderbunny 2020, Timberline 2020, Timp Trail 2020, Tobacco Road 2020, Tommyknocker 2020, Tomoka 2020, Tonto Mountain 2020, Top of Michigan 2020, Topo Trail 2020, Tough Ruck 2020, Trailbreaker 2020, Trap Pond (DE) 2020, Trash Panda 2020, Tucson 2020, Tunnel Lite 2020, Tunnel Vision 2020, Twin Cities 2020, Two Cities 2020, Two Bear Whitefish 2020, Two Hearted Trail 2020, Two Rivers 2020, US Air Force 2020, Utah Valley 2020, Valkrie Midway 2020, Valley 7 Lakes 2020, Valley of Fire Backcountry 2020, Ventura 2020, Vermont City 2020, Vernonia 2020, Vertigo Night Runs 2020, Via (Allentown, PA) 2020, Walter Childs Memorial Race of Champions 2020, Wasatch 100 2020, Watchung Winter 2020, Wattle Waddle 2020, Wausau 2020, Wenatchee 2020, Western Maryland Rail Trail 2020, Western States Endurance Run 2020, Whidbey Island 2020, Whiskey Row 2020, Whiskeydaddle 2020, WhistleStop 2020, Whitefish Point 2020, Whitefish Trail Legacy 2020, Wicked (KS) 2020, Willamette Valley 2020, Wild Wild West 2020, Wildflower Trail 2020, Wilmington Wrightsville Beach (NC) 2020, Wineglass 2020, Wisconsin 2020, Women's Palm Desert 2020, Yakima River Canyon 2020, Youkon Do It 2020, Youngstown 2020, Aloha Series 2021, Austin 2021, Bataan Death March 2021, Bay of Fundy 2021, Bend 2021, Big Sur 2021, Black Mountain 2021, Blue Ridge Series 2021, Buckeye 2021, Cactus Classic 2021, Calico Trail 2021, Cape Cod 2021, Cape Cod Trail 2021, Carlsbad 2021, Celebration 2021, Charleston (SC) 2021, Charlotte 2021, Cheyenne 2021, Chuckanut 2021, Cowtown (TX) 2021, Delaware 2021, Desert Classic 2021, Disney 2021, Eugene 2021, Famous Idaho Potato 2021, Flying Pig 2021, Galveston 2021, Ghost of Tacoma 2021, Grand Forks 2021, Gulf Coast Series 2021, Haulin in the Holler 2021, Hawkeye 2021, Herb Parsons 2021, Houston 2021, H.U.R.T 2021, Illinois 2021, Iron Horse Ultra 2021, Jackalope Jam Ultra 2021, Jed Smith Ultra 2021, Jekyll Island 2021, Kalamazoo 2021, Kona 2021, Land Between the Lakes 2021, Lost Dutchman 2021, Marine Corps 2021, Martian 2021, Maui 2021, Maui Oceanfront 2021, McAllen 2021, Miami 2021, Miracle Match 2021, Mobile 2021, Modesto 2021, Napa Valley 2021, New Jersey 2021, Newport (OR) 2021, Newport News One City 2021, Ogden 2021, ONU Polar Bear Indoor 2021, Orcas Island 100 2021, ORRRC 2021, Post Oak 2021, Post Oak 50K 2021, Prince of Wales (AK) 2021, Raccoon Mountain 2021, Race the Lake (NY) 2021, Redding 2021, Rhode Races Newport 2021, Rock n' Roll Arizona 2021, Rock n' Roll Las Vegas 2021, Rock n' Roll Savannah 2021, Run for the Red 2021, Runners of Reston 2021, Salt Lake City 2021, Shiprock 2021, Sioux Falls 2021, SoCal 2021, SP Crater 2021, Spokane River Run 2021, St. Paddy's Day 2021, St. Petersburg Distance Classic 2021, Storm the Dam 2021, Tacoma City 2021, Tallahassee 2021, Taos 2021, Traverse City Bayshore 2021, Via (Allentown, PA) 2021, Via Dolorosa 2021, Wenatchee 2021, Wisconsin 2021, Zoom! Yah! Yah! 2021, Bataan Memorial Death March 2022, Boring 2022, Charleston 2022, Lakefront 2022, Memphis Big BBQ 2022, Mississippi River 2022, Monster Mash (DE) 2022, Omaha 2022, Rock n' Roll Las Vegas 2022, Rock n' Roll New Orleans (Mardi Gras) 2022, Rock n' Roll Savannah 2022, Taos 2022, Wabash Trace 2022, Zoom! Yah! Yah! 2022 

12. If an event is cancelled mid-race, it will only count if the participant reached the finish line prior to the cancellation. Results from the official race site are the only acceptable items of proof for an event cancelled mid-race. (Example: Chicago 2007, Green Bay 2012,  Boston 2013, 26.2 with Donna 2014, Army 2014, Little Rock 2014, Illinois 2015, Savannah RnR 2015, Vermont City 2016, Blue Ridge 2017, Nashville RnR 2017, USAF 2018 - must have official race results with all of the splits, Fox Valley 2018. Mo' Cowbell 2018 - must have official race results with all of the splits )

13. The bib and medal option for verification will not be accepted for any cancelled event, any event having a virtual or shadow option, or for the Bataan Memorial Death March.  The Bataan Memorial Death March issues participant medals prior to the event; this is NOT a finisher’s medal.  The only accepted items of proof are the results for the Bataan Memorial Death March from the race site or Results from the official race site are the only acceptable items of proof for an event cancelled mid-race.

14. A reasonable interruption of a race is determined by the race organization. If the race organization decides to suspend the race for a short time because of safety issues and then allows runners to continue, then the race may count. On their own, a member may not start a race, leave the course for an amount of time and then return to the race to continue it.

15. If races offer the option of being bused forward in a race and then continuing on to the finish, a runner cannot count the race if they rode the bus and did not complete the entire course. Marine Corps Marathon has a “Beat the Bridge” straggler bus.  Seneca Greenway Trail Marathon 2012 also bused people who were over the cut off time and then allowed them to continue to the finish. Rock 'n' Roll (Competitor)  events have instituted a "sag wagon" shuttle policy where participants may board the sag wagon and be shuttled forward on the course where they may continue to participate in the event. Even if the race allows/encourages/promotes this, a runner cannot count the race because they did not complete the entire 26.2 miles required. We recommend printing out a copy of your split times for these events so that the certification committee can verify that a runner has completed the entire course.

A marathon must be the full distance of 26 miles 385 yards (42.195 km) and an ultra is defined as any distance greater than the marathon distance. Races that fall short of the distance may not be counted. Big Wildlife Runs Marathon 2015 was 25.2 miles. The 2015 ultra was greater than 26.2 miles and may be used. Chattanooga Marathon 2016 was .28 miles short. Vancouver USA 2016 was 26.1 miles long. Timberline in OR is 26.09 miles. Old Military Road Trail Marathon in OK is 23 miles. Breck Crest (Breckenridge Crest) Marathon is 23 miles. The Woodlands 2017 was .
8 miles short. Milwaukee 2017 was 4,200 feet short. Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon 2017 was .295 miles short. The Barkley Fall Classic "drop-down marathon" is 22.8 miles and cannot count (the 50K can count as long as it is completed). Coffee Milk Marathon 2021 was .33 short. Garmin in the Land of Oz 2022 was .2 miles short. Philmont Trail Race (NM) the distance billed as a marathon is less than 26.2 miles and may not be used. The 50 miler may be used for a state.

17. A Spartan event cannot count towards the states because it is not run without interruption.

These are the rules of our organization and are subject to change by the Board of Directors. 

Dean Karnazes Endurance Runs Decision - 2006

In response to many inquiries from our members, the Board of Directors met to discuss the issue of whether each marathon distance in the Endurance Runs counts towards completion of the states.  The unanimous decision follows:

The Board of Directors of the 50 States Marathon Club applauds Dean Karnazes and others for their fundraising efforts through running marathon distances for 50 consecutive days.   On 8/7/06, we reviewed the plan for these Runs, consisting of 50 marathon distances in 50 states on 50 consecutive days.

According to the 50 States Marathon Club rules, a marathon distance must be sanctioned to be run on the actual date of the marathon.  The following states involved in the Endurance Run have traditional marathon standards and are acceptable to the Board: Lewis & Clark (September 17), Boulder Backroads (September 24), Portland, Oregon (October 1), St. George (October 7), Greater Hartford (October 14), Chicago (October 22), and New York City (November 5).  Other marathon distances will not be considered for completion of the remaining states. 

This ruling will allow us to maintain consistent Club standards.  As always, we welcome your questions and comments. 

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All rights reserved.