Running Streaks

Tom Adair -- Has run at least one marathon a month for 149 consecutive months (as of February 2008).   He has also run a marathon on every day of the week.

Janice Anderson -- Peachtree since '89.   Recently ended Atlanta Marathon 12 years.

Sharlene Anderson -- 1999-a great year for running: 8-marathons, 3-50Ks, 1-50M, 1-100K, 1-100M. Ran over 3000 miles between training & events.

F. Carl Barr -- No streaks- just run to celebrate life.

Lance Barry
-- Ran 2400 miles in 2003.

Chuck Beeson -- Has 13 consecutive years of running at least one marathon .

Lois Berkowitz
-- In 1994, she qualified for Boston 6 times in the second part of the year.

Peter Birckhead -- Has run the Houston Marathon 7 years.

Tony Blair -- Has run the Lincoln Marathon 11 years in a row.

Marilyn Simmons-Bowe -- Ran one marathon a week in Feb. 04 including Leap Day for a total of 5.

John Bozung -- Marathon or ultra for 139 consecutive months- since October 1993.  Has run all Walt Disney World Marathons.

Ted Braggans
-- Has never run more than 7 days in a row for 912 consecutive weeks (as of April 2004).

Mike Brandt -- Has completed all 7 continents in both running and mountain climbing .

Robert Britain
-- Has run at least 1 marathon per month since 10/03.

Nancy Broadbridge -- Averaged at least one marathon a week  for 1 year in 1997 (one in every state & DC).

Bill Broderick -- Has run 13  Lincoln Marathons and is in the Lucky 13 Club..

Mike Brooks -- Has run at least one marathon a month or ultra for over 35 years (as of April 2004).

Kevin Brosi-- 17 marathons in 17 months.

Ron Bucy-- "I run 365 regardless of weather, etc."

Lisa Carlucci -- Averages a marathon a month since Nov. 01 (her baby was only 6 mos. old when she started this streak).

Ernie Chatman -- Has run 6,323+ days in a row!! (as of November 2008).

Ken Chestek
-- Has run all 5 (soon all 6) Flying Pig Marathons.

Cynthia Christen -- "None; although in college I wanted to be a streaker."

Alford Claiborne -- Ten years without a Boston qualifier.

Conrad Clark -- Has been breathing for 52 years...

Eliot Collins -- Has run Fire Cracker 4 Miler in Cranford, NJ & George Sheehan Classic 5 Miler in Red Bank, NJ 6 years each.

Tim Collins -- Has run at least 1 mile every day since 5/31/03-- over 500 days.

Timothy Collins -- Has hugged another runner in the past 40 marathons.

John Connor -- Has run 42 marathons in a row not dropping out.

Tom Conrad -- "I do not have any streaks worth talking about."

Mary Croft -- Has run all of the Twin Cities Marathons (22)  and all of the Lost Dutchman Marathons (3).

Harry Curtis -- Continued running.

Darryl Davis -- Has completed all of the Flying Pig Marathons and has a 15 month streak of 1 or more marathons a month.

Carol Dellinger -- 4 marathons in 5 weeks.

Dom Denio -- Gray in my hair.

Karl Dentino -- Has run 49 consecutive marathons under 4 hours (as of February 2007)-never became a DNF.

Gordon Deshon
-- In 2000, ran a marathon a week starting 10/1/00 through 11/18/00, then finished the states in HI on 12/10/00.

Tom Detore -- 68 months of at least one marathon/ultra.

John Dietrich -- Ran every day from 1978-1982.

Tom Dixon-- All USAF Marathons (awards in all but 1).  Age group awards in last 11 marathons..

Bob Dolphin -- 20 years (1984-present) Seattle Marathon, Capital City Marathon, Portland Marathon, Frosty 4 miles.

Ronald Dubin -- Ran 8 marathons in 2003.

Ralph Edwards -- Has run 100 or more miles per month for 24 months.  743 days of running a mile or more each day (as of April '04).

Eddie Espinosa -- Has run the Houston Marathon 11 times, Boston 8 times, and Conoco 10K 11 times.

John Everett -- Has run 4 straight years of 2,000 plus miles for the year.

Vincent Ferraro -- Ran 276 miles-30 days in one month.

Bob Fletcher -- Ran 50 marathons in 50 weeks 9/82-8/83.

Richard Friedrichsen -- Has run the Boston Marathon 8 years in a row.

Debbie Gobins -- 10 year club at St. George Marathon and Perfect 10 Club at the Walt Disney World Marathon.

Charlie Gregory
-- Has run 8 marathons in the last 7 months (as of April 2004). Trying to run a marathon a month as long as he can.

Allen Griffiths -- Small gray streak on forehead.

Cheri Gross -- "Other than stubborn & optimistic- can't think of any."

Keenan Haga -- At least 1 month per month since December 2013.

Edward Hahn III -- 1994 summer ran a 5K race every Saturday (including 1 double & some Sundays) for 7 weeks.  Summer 1984, ran on 84 consecutive days for at least 4 miles.  Bare Buns Fun Run 5K in 2002.

Darryl Hand -- Five years in a row with at leat 2000 total miles.

Paul Hargrave -- 13 marathons in 12 months.

Thomas Hathaway -- 18 marathons in 18 months.  13 marathons in 12 months.

Rich Holmes
--  Currently running at least 1 mile each day for 700+ days.   Broke a streak of 1,000 days six years ago (when foot surgeon threatened dire consequences if run on the foot he'd been working on). Has run 100 marathons in last 100 months.  70 consecutive months of 100+miles.  8  consecutive years of 10+ marathons.

Tom Hosner -- Completed all 10 of the San Diego Rock’N’Roll marathons from 1998 to 2007.

Curtis Huffman
-- Has run every day for  4 years. (2014)

Bill Jennings
-- Has run 11 straight sub-4 hour marathons 2000 & 2001.

Cathy Johnson
-- "Grey ones in my hair."

Jay Johnson -- Has run at least 10 marathons per year for 5 years.

John Johnson
-- Has run Peachtree Road Race on July 4th in Atlanta, GA 8 straight years.

Mary Jo Johnson -- Has eaten icecream daily-ha!ha!

Jeff Johnston -- 12 states in 12 months.

Marcus Jones -- Has been running 18 days straight.

Lincoln Bruce Katter -- Had 23 consecutive Boston qualifiers-broke string before he started collecting states.  Now has a new string going at 7.

Sharon Kerson-- "I run or walk every morning except if I have an early plane to catch."

Annie King
-- This July 4th will be my 19th (almost) consecutive Peachtree Road Race (in 2000 I went to Maine).

Dan Kupris
-- "After running in Australia I decided to take a break & haven't run for over 6 months!  ARRGH.  The longest break I've had in years."

Debbie Lazaroff -- Has run all 14 of the Walt Disney World Marathons.

John Lent -- Has 25 consecutive years of running.

Roxana Lewis -- Started marathoning in 1993 with a goal of running 2 a year and NEVER the same one twice.

Abe Lim -- Has run the 5K at Lake Como- (He,He,He).

Bob Livitz -- Has run 23 consecutive Andy Payne Marathons.

Dan Lutes -- Has run 9 Bostons (started in 1996) & 13 Indy Mini Marathons-the Indy 500 festival (started in 1992).

Rusty Manes -- Has run at least one marathon a year since 1998.

"Higuy" Tom Matti -- Since 2000 he has 274 "mixed distances" races in sandals.  For 300 total races, no DNF's-finished all.

Jack McDermott -- Has run all First Light Marathons in Mobile, AL.  This was his 3rd consecutive Boston Marathon.

Erin McGuire -- "Fun streak--I believe in finding the good in everything helps you have more fun in life."

Michael Milone
-- Has run one marathon a month for 18 months in a row (as of April 2004).

Craig Mitchell -- No DNF's.

Gina Moore -- Has run 5 years of the Oklahoma Marathon and Boston 6 years.

SAM (Sincerely Always Marathoning) Mordorski -- Has run 289+ consecutive months of at least 1 marathon or ultra.  She began in January 1985.

John Moyer
-- Has run all 11 Walt Disney World Marathons.

Cheryl Murdock -- Ran Blue Angel/Mardi Gras back to back in 2004.

Kathy Murgas -- "I gave up streaking."

Janet Newburgh -- "In each of several years, I ran at least 50 races (distances from 1500 meters to marathon) per year."

Yen Nguyen -- Ran 50 races (35 marathons, 15 ultras) in 2000.

Mark Ornstein -- Has run at least one sub 4 hour marathon every year since 1992.

Keith Panzer -- 10 marathons in 10 weekends fall of 2003 (even got publicity on Paul Harvey show).

Bill Pauls -- "In college...'butt' that's another story."

Pamela Penfield
-- Has several streaks in process:  has run the Honolulu Marathon every year since 1984 ( that makes 24 of them) , and  Pikes Peak Marathon every year since 1993 (14 of those).  She has signed up for both again this year. "God willing I will keep going on my streak."

Patty Powell -- Ran 10 Tulsa Runs in a row.  Streak ended Oct. 2003.

Dave Redline --  It's not a huge streak, but this year's Boston (2004) was my 7th consecutive.  Considering it took 12 years to qualify, I'm proud of it.

Valerie Reynolds -- Has run Peach Tree Road Race for 23 years (every 4th of July).

John Richeson -- Has run every Flying Pig Marathon and every Air Force Marathon.

Jeannette Roostai
-- Ran 6 LA Marathons from 1996 to 2001.

Gerald Rosen
-- Has arisen for 23,419 days in a row.

Kathy Ryan -- 346 days of running as of 5/31/04.

Edson Sanches -- Has run all Walt Disney World Marathons.

Ray Shaulis -- 1991-2000  10 years straight ran Columbus Marathon for Team in Training raising $$$$.

Dan Shuff -- "In 2001 I had 8 straight marathon 1st place age group awards.  I don't usually streak otherwise."

Ann Singer -- Since age 56 she has run/walked at least 2,000 miles a year.  

John Spannuth
-- Has run 2 marathons a year for 5 years.

James Spoo
-- 5 Cherry Blossom 10M, 5 Quantico 1/2 Marathons, 3 Country Music Marathons, 3 Rock N Roll Marathons, 3 Rock N Roll 1/2

John Strand -- grey hair.

Barbara Stenzel -- "Nothing exciting-have run every week since 12/95."

Chuck Struckness -- "Do all 50 states while I'm still 50 years old."

Dianna Sulser -- Ran 13 marathons/ultras in 2001, 13 in 2002 & 11 in 2003.

James Thomas -- Has run the Derby Festival Marathon 3 times.

Jack Thornton -- Has run tat least one marathon a year since 1992.

Angela Tortorice -- Ran 3 years Monday-Friday 3 miles each day without missing one day.

Cathy Troisi -- Hasn't missed a day walking or running since 10/28/91.

Blake Uhl -- "I have finished every race I started!"

Kathy Velazco -- "I don't streak-I'd be arrested (with my luck!)"

Charlie Viers -- Has completed 26 Houston Marathons.

Craig Wanner -- Has run at least 1 marathon in each calendar year for 21 years.

J. Michael Ward
-- "I have been eating every day since I was born."

William Watson -- Has run a marathon a month for over 14 years.

Lee Weinhold -- "Brushed my teeth every day for 35 years."

Keith Whited -- 1,144 Weeks (52 wks x 52 yrs) of never running more than 6 days per week.  18 marathons in 17 months.

Daniel Wilson -- Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon 6 times.  Lincoln Marathon 6 times.

Marty Winkel -- Hasn't missed a day running since 3/20/85.

Rick Worley -- Ran 200 marathons and ultras in 159 consecutive weeks (1997, 1998, 1999).

Terry Yarian -- "I'm faster when I drop 5 pounds (bag of flour, right?)".

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