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Resource to help our members find old results they can't find online for certification of their 50 states completion.

If you have results (result books or result lists) from old races and are willing to share them with our members who need them for certification, you can send us a list of the races you have printed results from.  Please include the name of the race, the year, and your email address.  If you are looking for results from an old race, you can list the races with the year needed and your email address.  Members can then contact the member listed to get a copy of a page of their results.  Email batzrunner@aol.com if you would like to be included on this list.

Beth Davenport has been compiling lists of races that have databases/archives.   She is a very good resource for those who need help finding results. If you find any race databases, let her know.  beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com

Old Results Found:



Member with results

Email Address

Air Force 1997 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Athens (OH) 1994 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Austin 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
B&A Trail 1996 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Bandalelier 1998 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Baton Rouge 1998 Dave Bell davebell@douloscorp.com
Bayshore (MI) 1991,1992, Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Big Sur 1997 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Big Sur 1986 Laura Miller minimillz@yahoo.com
Black Hills 1995 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Blue Angel 1991 Kip Eldridge kipeldridge@me.com
Blue Angel 1993 Laura Miller minimillz@yahoo.com
Boston 1992 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
Boston 1993, 1995, 1996 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Boston 1994 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Boston 1997 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
Boston 1999 (partial) Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Brandon (FL) 1995 Kip Eldridge kipeldridge@me.com
Brookings (SD) 1978, 1979 Craig Haugaard craig_haugaard@hotmail.com
Calgary Stampede 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
California International 1997 Dave Bell davebell@douloscorp.com
Cape Cod 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Catalina Island (CA) 1984 Laura Miller minimillz@yahoo.com
Charlotte Observer 1994 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Chicago 1989, 1992, 1995, 1997 Larry Ondrovic londruns26@comcast.net
Chicago 1993 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Chicago 1996-present http://www.chicagomarathon.com/participant-information/race-results/
Chicago 1997 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Chicago 1998 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
Chicago 1999 Dave Bell davebell@douloscorp.com
Chickamauga Battlefield 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Clarence Demar 1996 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Coeur d'Alene 1987 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com 
Coeur d'Alene 1997 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Columbia (SC) 1991 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com 
Columbus 1986 Mike Strobel mcstrobel5@comcast.net
Columbus 1990, 1992, 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Columbus 1994 Nick Hodgman nickhodgman@comcast.net
Columbus 1998 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Columbus 1999 Linda Thompson lnthompson16@gmail.com
Cowtown (Ft. Worth) 1996 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Dallas 1991-present https://www.dallasmarathon.com/results/
Dallas Trails 1997 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
Dallas Trails 1998 Suzy Seeley cruzsms@swbell.net
Denver (partial) 1993 Rerry Rief runwyo@yahoo.com
Deseret News (UT) 1993 (Link)
Deseret News (UT) 1997 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
Detroit 1991, 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Detroit 1993, 1994, 1995 Greg Everal greg@everalracemgt.com
Disney 1994 Kip Eldridge kipeldridge@me.com
Disney 1995, 1997 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Disney 1995, 1996, 1998 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Disney 1998 Larry Ondrovic londruns26@comcast.net
Double Chubb 50K (MO) 2000 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Duke City 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997, 2012 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Eagle Up Ultra (OH) 2016 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Eriesistible 1994 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
First Tennesse Memphis 1992 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Flying Pig 1999 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Fox Cities 1992 Larry Ondrovic londruns26@comcast.net
Free Kingwood (TX) 1999 www.50statesmarathonclub.com/1999finish.html
Friendly Voyager 1993 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Glass City (OH) 1971-1983
Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Governor's Cup (MT) 1996 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
Governor's Cup (MT) 1997 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Grandfather Mountain (Boone, NC) 1996 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
Grandma's (MN) 1993 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Grandma's (MN) 1994, 1999 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Grandma's (MN) 1999 Dave Bell davebell@douloscorp.com
High Plains 1998 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Hoosier (Ft. Wayne) 1997 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Houston 1979 to present http://www.marathonveterans.com/
HUFF (Huntington Ultra Frigid Fifty) 1997, 1998, 1999 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Kansas City 1996 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Kiawah Island (SC) 1999 Brad Schwartz im_wit_choo@yahoo.com
Kilauea Volcano 1996 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
Lakefront 1999 Kip Eldridge kipeldridge@me.com
Lake Country 1997 Brad Schwartz im_wit_choo@yahoo.com
Las Vegas 1995 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Las Vegas 1998 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Lincoln Lincoln Track Club http://www.lincolnrun.org/results
Lincoln 1994-2007 Bill Broderick wbroderi@wt.net
London 1996 Jerry Greenwald born2runinbldr@yahoo.com
Lone Star Paper Chase 1996, 1997, 1999 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Long Beach (CA) 1983 Laura Miller minimillz@yahoo.com
Los Angeles 1997 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Los Angeles 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Los Angeles pre 2000 info@lamarathon.com
Los Angeles 2000-2011 http://results.active.com/event_collections/honda-la-marathon/2012
Lone Star Paper Chase 1996, 1997, 1999 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Madison (WI) 1997 Linda Thompson lnthompson16@gmail.com
Madison (WI) 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Marathon des Deux Rives 1999 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Marathon to Marathon (Storm Lake, IA) 1999 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Marine Corps 1989 Kip Eldridge kipeldridge@me.com
Marine Corps 1993-present http://www.marinemarathon.com/Results/MCM_Results.htm
Marine Corps 1994 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Marine Corps 1995 Jerry Greenwald born2runinbldr@yahoo.com
Marine Corps 1984 Laura Miller minimillz@yahoo.com
Mayor's Midnight Sun 1996 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Mayor's Midnight Sun 1998 Chris Knaff brew26point2@gmail.com
Mayor's Midnight Sun 1999 Linda Thompson lnthompson16@gmail.com
Michigan Trail 1992, 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Mile High Metric Challenge 2001 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Mississippi 1998 Larry Ondrovic londruns26@gmail.com
Memphis 1999 Larry Ondrovic londruns26@gmail.com
Myrtle Beach 1998 Dave Bell davebell@douloscorp.com
New Orleans 1996 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
New York City 1970-present http://www.tcsnycmarathon.org/about-the-race/results
New York City 1994 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
(Casino) Niagara 1999 http://www.robertstech.com/run/results/niagra99.htm
Northern Shufflers 1991, 1992 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Ocala 1999 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Ocean State 1995 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Ocean State 1999 Larry Ondrovic londruns26@comcast.net
Ohio Michigan 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Olander Pk 24 Hour 1993 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Paavo Nurmi (WI) 1996 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Pikes Peak 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Pikes Peak 1996 Jerry Greenwald born2runinbldr@yahoo.com
Pikes Peak 1950's-present Matt Carpenter www.skyrunner.com/peak.htm
Pikes Peak Any http://www.skyrunner.com/search/find.asp
Pittsburgh 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Portand (OR) 1992 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Portland (OR) 1994 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Ridge Runner 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Royal Victoria 1999 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
San Diego 1997 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
San Francisco 1994 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
San Francisco 1996 Kip Eldridge kipeldridge@me.com
Sandhills (NE) 2012, 2014 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Scotty Hanton (MI) 1991, 1992, 1993, Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Shamrock 1994 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Shiprock 1997 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Smokey Mountain (TN) 1997, 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Smokey Mountain (TN) 1998 Mary Alice Purcell maryapurcell@msn.com
Space Coast (FL) 1999 Suzy Seeley cruzsms@swbell.net
Space Coast (FL) 1999 http://mattmahoney.net/scr/99mar.txt
Springfield (MO) 2000 Dave Bell davebell@douloscorp.com
Steamboat 1995 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Steamboat 1995, 1998 (partial) Jerry Greenwald born2runinbldr@yahoo.com
St. George 1997 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Sunmart Texas Trails 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Sunmart Texas Trails 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
The Woodlands 1990 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
Tour of Albuquerque 1992, 1993 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Tulsa 1995 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Tulsa 1996 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
1994 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Twin Cities 1982-present (link)
Twin Cities 1993, 1995 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Twin Cities 1997 Linda Thompson lnthompson16@gmail.com
Twin Cities 1998 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Vermont City 1994 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Washington Crossing 2011 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Winterfest Funmarathon 1992 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Wyoming 1995 Lois Berkowitz lberkowitz@toast.net
Additional Results:
Some ultras and marathons 1988 to present www.allsportcentral.com
Mostly east coast marathons 1995 to present www.racepacket.com
Some marathons 1996 to present www.coolrunning.com
Mostly west coast marathons 1998 to present www.ontherunevents.com
Some in WV, PA, VA, OH, MD, DC, KY 1998 to present http://www.iplayoutside.com/Events/
Some ultras and marathons 2000 to present http://athlinks.com/
Some ultras http://ultrasignup.com/
Western PA 1996 to present http://www.runhigh.com/RESULTSBYYR.html

Old Results Needed:



Member that needs results

Email Address

Almost Heaven (WV) 1995 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
Andy Payne (OK) 1999 Thomas Gerstle tomginthailand@hotmail.com
Arts on the Green (Omaha) 2000 Carolyn Mitchell carolynm@everestkc.net
Atlanta 1998 Bob Dorr robert.dorr@va.gov
Atlantic City, NJ 1978 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Atlantic City, NJ 1998, 1999 Maria Vargas crlmar@comcast.net
Baltimore 2000 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Baton Rouge 1983 George Soukas gcs@regupolamerica.com
Bismarck 1994 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
Black Hills 1993 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
Black Hills 1994 Dave Peters dwpete1@gmail.com
Blue Angel (FL) 1994 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
Blue Angel (FL) 1997 Suzy Seeley cruzsms@swbell.net
Boston 1979 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Boston 1999 Suzy Seeley cruzsms@swbell.net
Breakers (RI) 1988, 1989 Michael Goolkasian mgman26@aol.com
Charlotte, NC 1989 Jeff Hill jjhill@kpmg.com
Chicago 1978 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Cleveland 1996 Tami Lewis-Hunt beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Coeur d' Alene, ID 1993 Mike Schwarz mschwarzmn@yahoo.com
Coeur d' Alene, ID 1998 Thomas Gerstle tomginthailand@hotmail.com
Columbus 1995, 1996 Tami Lewis-Hunt beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Columbus 1995 Nick Hodgman nickhodgman@comcast.net
Dallas Trails 1999 Suzy Seeley cruzsms@swbell.net
Detroit 1990 Bob Dorr robert.dorr@va.gov
Fox Cities 1999 David Holmen d_holmen@yahoo.com
God's Country (PA) 1987 Jim Collins jim54@comcast.net
Jacksonville 1995 Laurie Kearney runmoremarathons@yahoo.com
Kansas City 1998, 1999 Dave Peters dwpete1@gmail.com
Las Vegas 1991 Jim Smieja jsmieja@frontiernet.net
Lewes (DE) 1979 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Long Island, NY 1979 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Los Alamitos, CA 1979 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Maine 1995 Thomas Gerstle tomginthailand@hotmail.com
Marathon de Taos 1993 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Marine Corps 1978 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Mayor's Midnight (AK) 1995 Thomas Gerstle tomginthailand@hotmail.com
Med Com (TX) 1998, 1999 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
Med Com (TX) 1998 Suzy Seeley cruzsms@swbell.net
Med Com (TX) 1999 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
Mission Bay, CA 1979 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Mississippi Beach 1993 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
New Jersey Shore 1978 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
New Orleans 1983 George Mones gmones@ci.mesquite.tx.us
Oklahoma 1998 Paula Boone batzrunner@aol.com
Oklahoma 1998 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
Orange Bowl (FL) 1979 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Palos Verdes, CA 1979 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Paris (France) 1999 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
Philadelphia 1994, 1995 Tom Chaves tchaves@aol.com
Philadelphia 1978 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org
Pine Line (WI) 2006 Dick (Richard) Bartlett dbartrunr@aol.com
Pisgah Trail 50K  (NH) 2001 Harry Hoffman, Jr. pulm@bellsouth.net
Pittsburgh 1994 Bob Stolz bobstolz@hotmail.com
Portland (OR) 1993 Lori Schwartz lori_schwartz@yahoo.com
San Antonio 1994 Dave Nemoto icq@msn.com
San Antonio 1998 Suzy Seeley cruzsms@swbell.net
San Francisco 1990, 1992 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
San Francisco 1997 Suzy Seeley cruzsms@swbell.net
Seattle 1992 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
Seattle 1993 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Shamrock 1993 Jerry Rief runwyo@yahoo.com
Snow Goose (Anchorage) 1993 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
Stumpy's Trail (DE) 1993 J.R. Nolen j.r.nolen.civ@mail.mil.
Stumpy's Trail (DE) 2003 J.R. Nolen j.r.nolen.civ@mail.mil.
Tour of Albuquerque 1993 Beth Davenport beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Towpath 1996, 1997 Tami Lewis-Hunt beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com
Trails End (OR) 1980 Lynn Jaffe llj116@yahoo.com
Tucson 1995 Steve Boone steveboone@aol.com
Valley of the Flowers (CA) 1979 David Gingras dgingras@bsamail.org

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