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Date of latest update: 02/23/15

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Information for prospective members:

When a marathoner has completed a valid marathon in 10 different US states the eligibility status will have been met.  After submitting an application with proof of completion, it will be verified by the membership committee.  Each member shall retain some information to substantiate each event, such as: a finisher's certificate, published event results (, result card, result book, newspaper, etc.), race bib number AND medal (both required for this option).

As soon as we receive and process your application, we will send you a welcome packet with information about the club.

Email your name, state, & email address to   so that we will be looking for your application. 

The annual membership fee of $10 is used for periodic newletters, finisher trophies, quarterly reunions, and club related expenses.  Make checks payable to the 50 States Marathon Club.   There are no paid employees.  All club support is provided by volunteers.  If you would like to help, please contact Lois Berkowitz, president. 

The club web site contains the name, email (if authorized), and total marathon count of each member.   Additional web pages list the marathon accomplishments of members, a list of all 50 states finishers, Canadian province and territory finishers, century division qualifiers (those members having completed 100 marathons or more), continent finishers, member schedules, and current club information.  This information can be updated at any time.  Email updates or write to:

50 States Marathon Club
PO Box 15638
Houston, TX 77220-5638

The club newsletter is published 3-4 times yearly.  It contains club information, reunion information, member profiles and stories, stats & demographics, a list of new members, and other items of interest to club members.

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