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We now have 3,708 members in all 50 states, DC, and 13 foreign countries!  Our members have run a combined total of more than 225,000 marathons! (demographics)

2014 Renewal forms went out in the Winter 2013 issue. Please fill out the Member Profile and return it with your $10 annual dues. If you have misplaced your renewal form, you can print out the form from the web site.
Renewal Form  Members in foreign countries, please use the online renewal option or pay in US cash. The bank charges $20 to convert funds from non-US banks..

You can check your membership renewal date on the membership page. Choose "Members" and look on the right hand column under "Paid thru".   
Click for Members List

Online membership renewal is now available.  Click here. This service is for club members only. Members in foreign countries, please use this option or pay in US cash.  The bank charges $20 to convert funds from non-US banks.      


The Fall 2014 50 States Marathon Club Newsletter has been mailed. Please email Paula Boone if you have not received the issue after the end of November and she will make sure you receive a copy. Please note that the format is a color newspaper that is bulk-mailed and presorted by zip code. Editor, Lois Berkowitz, is (gratefully) looking for contributions:  You can find older issues of the newsletter by choosing "Newsletters" in the dropdown menu.

Finisher's Certificate:
All member finishers in good standing will receive a complimentary custom finisher's certificate.  This certificate will be sent to all members who have completed the states.  This includes everyone who has completed the states to date, and all members who complete the states in the future. To receive your certificate, you must be a member in good standing (current on your dues), and contact Dave Bell by email at   Please include: your name as you want it printed on the certificate, your hometown city and state (when you finished), the number of times you finished, the name of your finishing marathon, the location (city, state), the date of your finish, and your mailing address.  (form)   For those members who would like to purchase an additional copy, the price will be $6 each. 
Certified Finisher Certificate Sample
Finisher Certificate Sample

Scheduled reunion marathons:

Kalamazoo Marathon--Kalamazoo, MI 5/3/15

Fox Cities Marathon--Appleton, WI 9/20/15
$10 discount with code: 50MARCL

Cape Cod Marathon--Falmouth, MA 10/25/15 $10 discount. Email for the code.

Future possiblities:

Do you have a suggestion for 2014 reunions?

Please offer your suggestions and help organize or volunteer at a reunion marathon in your home state. Please contact Dave Bell 

Booths at expos:

Stop by to visit, update states, meet members and encourage others to join the club!
Route 66 Marathon
--Tulsa, OK   11/22/15
Stop by the booth to receive your wrist band to access Maniac Corner!

Events directed by our members
Texas Marathon-Kingwood, TX   01/01/15

Steve&Paula Boone  

Zoom! Yah! Yah! Indoor Marathon--Northfield, MN  01/11/15
Dick Daymont

Miracle Match--Waco, TX   01/25/15
Nancy Goodnight

Town of Celebration Marathon--Celebration, FL 01/25/15

Ken Zambito

Kahtoola Wasatch Winter 50K/5K--Midway, UT  01/31/15 
John Bozung

Groundhog Day--Grand Rapids, MI  02/01/15
Don Kern

Tallahassee--Tallahassee, FL    02/08/15

Jack McDermott

Post Oak (50K)--Tulsa, OK    03/07/15
Johnny Spriggs

Post Oak (26.2)--Tulsa, OK    03/08/15
Johnny Spriggs

Seabrook Lucky Trail--Seabrook, TX  03/15/15
Robby Sabban

Dustbowl Series--Dalhart, TX/Guymon, OK/Ulysses, KS/Lamar, CO/Clayton, NM 03/25-29/14  

Clint Burleson   

Yakima River Canyon--Yakima, WA     03/28/15
Bob & Lenore Dolphin

Davy Crockett Bear Chase--Groveton, TX   04/11/15
Steve & Paula Boone

Cape Cod Trail--Falmouth, MA 04/12/15
Carl Gustafson

Carmel--Carmel, IN  04/18/15
Todd Oliver

Frisco Fifty 50M/50K/26.2/13.1/10M-Springfield, MO 04/25/15
Richard Johnson

Runs with Scissors--Brighton, CO 04/25/15
Bill Morton

Lake Waramaug Ultra Races 50K, 50M, 100K - New Preston, CT   04/26/15
Carl Hunt 860-355-8847

BPAC 6 Hr Distance Classic--Buffalo, NY 04/26/15    

Glacier Ridge Trail Ultra--Butler, PA   05/09/15
Dan Adley

Shiprock--Shiprock, NM 05/02/15

Tom Riggenbach

Tacoma City--Tacoma, WA   05/03/15  

Tony Phillippi

Oh Boy--Waterbury, CT 05/04/15
Eugene DeFronzo

Walker Only (50K/26.2/13.1)--St. Cloud, MN  05/16/15 
Dave Daubert

Texas Triple--Dallas, TX 5/23-25/15
Angela Tortorice

Wyoming--Laramie, WY   05/24/15  

Brent Weigner

Squaw Peak 50M Trail- Provo, UT   06/06/15

John Bozung

Deadwood Mickelson Trail (26.2/13.1) -Deadwood, SD   06/07/15
Emily Wheeler

Jerry Dunn

Whitefish Point Marathon--Paradise, MI 06/13/15
Rob Klein

Black Hills 100 (100M/50M/50K)--Sturgis, SD  06/27/15 
Jerry Dunn

Moosalamoo Ultra--Goshen, VT 08/01/15
John Izzo

Kat'cina Mosa 100K--Provo, UT 08/01/15
John Bozung

Leading Ladies--Spearfish, SD   08/16/15
Elaine Doll-Dunn

Skagit Flats--Burlington, WA 09/13/15
Terry Sentinella

Boring--Boring, OR 09/13/15
Mike Strobel

Center of the Nations--MT, ND, SD, WY, NE, CO 9/14-9/19/15
Clint Burleson  

Crazy Horse--Hill City, SD      10/04/15
Emily Wheeler
Jerry Dunn

Grand Rapids--Grand Rapids, MI  10/18/15
Don Kern

Frankenthon Monster--Cedar Park, TX 10/24/15
Frank Livaudais

Stone Steps 50K--Cincinnati,OH 10/25/15
David Corfman

Day of the Dead 4 Days--Las Cruces, NM 10/31/15-11/06/15
Clint Burleson

Two Cities (50K/26.2/13.1)--Fresno, CA 11/01/15
Nancy Talley & Mike Herman

Raleigh City of Oaks--Raleigh, NC   11/01/15
Ron Wahula

Indianapolis Monumental--Indianapolis, IN 11/07/15
Carlton Ray

Veteran's--Black Lick, PA  11/8/15
Tom Fetterman

Texas Quad--Dallas, TX 11/26-11/29/15
Angela Tortorice

Baton Rouge Beach--Baton Rouge, LA 12/5/15

Craig Watson   

Savage Seven--Ocala, FL 12/?/15-1/?/16 
Bettie Wailes

First Day of Winter 50K--Portsmouth, OH 12/20/15
Jennifer Hatcher

Houston 100 (100M/100K/50M/50K)--Houston, TX 12/?/15
Yen Nguyen


wpe1.jpg (10132 bytes)

50 States Marathon Club
P.O.Box 15638    Houston, TX  77220-5638

This web site provides information for the members of the 50 States Marathon Club.   The club operates under the direction of a board of directors selected by the membership.  The club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of health and fitness and the members share the common goal of running a marathon in each of the fifty states.  

To join, a runner must have completed a marathon in at least ten states. 

To Join: Read the Rules, print an Application, complete the information and mail it in.

Feed back

Your input, ideas and voice are important to the formation of the club.  We need members and volunteers to share their successes, concerns, and general thoughts regarding the sport of marathon running.

This site was developed and is maintained by American Computer Systems, Houston, TX  please contact for any changes or corrections.

Board of Directors     
Lois Berkowitz
-President/newsletter     (picture)
Dave Bell-Vice President   (picture)
Beth Davenport-Secretary/verification   (picture)
Steve Boone-Treasurer       (picture)
Paula Boone
-membership      (picture)
Mike Swanson-board member   (picture)
Brad Schwartz-board member      (picture)

Incorporated 3/30/2001


"Cheyenne's Rief achieves speedy marathon goal" article features Jerry Rief. (article) -posted 3/27/15

"Local HS teacher proud member of 50 States Marathon Club" article features
Jeff Ward. (article) -posted 3/24/15

"Amazing Alice-50 Marathons in 50 States" article features
Alice Schneider. (article) -posted 3/23/15

"Valley woman runs 100th marathon to support local nonprofit" article features
Ila Brandli. (article)   (article) -posted 3/3/15

"Wyoming Runner Headed to Antarctica to Break World Record" article features
Brent Weigner. (article) -posted 2/13/15

"Favorites of the 50 Staters" article features
Fran Libasci and Tom Brand(article) -posted 2/12/15

"Seven Marathons in Seven Days" features
Frank Bartocci, Rick Karampatsos, Cheryl Murdock, Jean Evansmore, Cathie & Troy Johnson and Chuck Savage. (article) -posted 1/12/15

"Man completes goal of running barefoot marathons in all 50 states" article features
Eddie Vega. (article) -posted 12/18/14

"Montrose woman completes marathon in all 50 states, including the last three on a broken foot" article features
Eva Sanmartini. (article) -posted 12/4/14

"Mission accomplished for long-distance road racer
Chris Calimano". (article) -posted 11/24/14

Our thoughts and prayers go out to
Jacob Wells' family and the running community he impacted.  He passed on 11/7/14.  (video) -posted 11/10/14

"Marathon runner completes 50-state goal" features
Eddie Hahn. (article) -posted 10/21/14

"Couple runs marathon together in every state" features
Barb & Greg Damon. (article) -posted 10/21/14

"Marathon Man" article features
Frank Bartocci and his 600th marathon. (article) "5 Tips to Surviving a Marathon" (article)   -posted 10/2/14

"Morton hits marathon milestone" features
Bill Morton when he completed his second 50 state finish. (article)   -posted 9/15/14

"50 Stater Ends his Journey in Wichita at PFM" features
Ed Loy and his upcoming finish at Prairie Fire Marathon. (article) -posted 9/4/14

We will miss our friend and club member,
Ira Robinson, who passed on 8/26/14. He had completed 156 marathons and all 50 states twice. His service will be held on 9/6/14 at the Hampton Church of Christ in Nash, TX.

Traci Falbo literally ran until she dropped and seized 2 ultramathon records" article features Traci's indoor track world record and American track record. (article) -posted 8/8/14

Bill Berenson plans to finish 50 marathons in 50 states by 60th birthday" (article). -posted 8/8/14

------------  Notices   -------------
Walt Prescott
is the North American Coordinator for the World Mega Marathon Ranking.  He has created a web site to post the totals of marathoners who have completed 300+ marathons/ultras.
(link) If you are nearing your 300th marathon/ultra or have completed more than 300 marathons, please contact Walt to be included on the list.

We have added a new section to the web site called "All in the Family".   There you can find 50 States Marathon Club members who have family connections to other club members.  You can find it on the drop down menu under Membership and it's called Families.  

Want to know where you're ranked by marathon count, who's birthdays are coming up, ages our members finished the states, and all kinds of demographics? We have a feature to the club web site called Demographics. Click on Membership on the drop down menu. This is an ongoing project and we add functions to it occasionally. Play with it at your leisure.  Send us updates to your marathon count, states completed, location where you completed the states, etc. Updates to our database are done nearly daily. If you haven't done so, please send us a digital photo to add to the membership list.  It helps members recognize each other at the races.   .jpg works best. 
Membership list

Members!! The club has secured an arrangement with Hometown Threads to offer discounted embroidered merchandise to our members. You can choose from apparel, jackets, bags, totes, etc. with our 50 States Marathon Club logos.   You can also have your name embroidered on the apparel for a small additional fee. You can order directly from the web site.  If you prefer to add additional text or FINISHER, please specify in the "Additional Instructions" field in the order form online. Hometown Threads will contact you directly about any questions you have concerning your order.   They also have a large logo available for the back of jackets and heavier items.

Jerry Greenwald
has put together a Yahoo! group for our members.  This is a site where you can post questions, blogs, comments, pictures, polls, etc.  You will have to set up a free Yahoo! user and join the 50statesmarathonclub group.  Any questions email Jerry at

Beth Davenport is working to help folks find missing results for certification.  Please contact her if you cannot find old marathon results and she may be able to find the results.

Deals for our members-------

Discounts to races are offered exclusively for our members in good standing.  Membership is verified by the individual races.

Mainly Marathons is celebrating their 3rd anniversary and they are giving away a free marathon to anyone who wants one.  No strings, just register at least 90 days in advance. See the web site for details.

3/8/15 Zydeco Marathon
--Lafayette, LA is offering the discount price of $70 for our club members for registration.  Use the code: 50StateZydeco2015.  

3/8/15 Lower Potomac River Marathon--Piney Point, MD is offering a $10 discount.  Email for the discount code.

3/14-15/15 Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon
--Seabrook, TX is offering the discount price of $85 for the marathon.  Use the code:50state.   They are also offering a discount price of $150 for the challenge.  Use the code: 50challenge.

3/15/15 Tobacco Road Marathon
--Cary, NC is offering a 10% discount.  Use the code: 50States.

3/25-29/15 Mainly Marathons Dust Bowl Series--TX, OK, KS, CO, NM is offering a $10 discount. Use the code:

4/12/15 The Downtown River Run Marathon
--Reno, NV is offering a $20 discount for our members.  Please email board member, Brad Schwartz for a unique discount code.

4/13-19/15 Mainly Marathons Riverboat Series-
-IL, MO, KY, TN, MS, AR, LA is offering a $10 discount. Use the code:

4/26/15 Glass City Marathon
--Toledo, OH is offering a $5 discount.  Use the code:states

4/29-5/3/15 Mainly Marathons IndependenceSeries-
-MD, DE, NJ, PA, NY is offering a $10 discount. Use the code:

5/2/15 Brookings Marathon
--Brookings, SD is offering a $10 discount.  Check the "50 States Discount" box during online registration process.

5/4/15 Oh Boy Marathon
--Waterbury, CT is offering a $10 discount.  Write "50 States Marathon Club member" on the mail in application.

5/10/15 Delaware Marathon
--Wilmington, DE is offering a $10 discount for our members.  Use the code: 50 State in the discount code box.

5/16/15 Inaugural Horse Capital Marathon-
-Lexington, KY is offering a 10% discount for our members.  Use the code: 50States10.

6/1-7/15 Mainly Marathons Heartland Series-
-OH, MI, IN, IL, IA, WI, MN is offering a $10 discount. Use the code:

Sunburst-Marathon--South Bend, IN is offering a $5 discount for our members.  Use the code: 50statemarathon2015 

6/7/15 North Olympic Discovery Marathon
- Port Angeles, WA. Discounts will be available for 50 States Marathon Club members. Use the code: welove50s for $10 off online registration. Registration is open. The North Olympic Discovery Marathon and Half Marathon takes place on a unique point to point course that incorporates the beautiful Olympic Discovery Trail with stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and a five mile finishing stretch along the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Please contact Victoria Jones at for any information.

6/13/15 Whitefish Point Marathon--Paradise, MI is offering a $5 discount. Use the code: MM50

6/14/15 Marion Rotary Marathon for Shoes
--Marion, IA is offering a 30% discount for our members.  Use the code: 50states2015.

6/19-21/15 Bear Lake Marathon
--Fish Haven, ID/Garden City, UT and Cokeville, WY is offering a 25% discount for the Trifecta and 20% discount for the double. Use the code: ManiacTrifecta for 25% off for all 3 races.  Use the code: ManiacDouble for 20% off for double

6/28/15 Kona Marathon
--Kona, HI is offering a $10 discount for our members.  Use the code: KMC10.

7/18/15 Madison Marathon--Madison, MT is offering a $10 discount for our members for the mail in registration.  Email for details. There is also a discount for running the double. 

7/19/15 Inaugural Big Sky Marathon--TBD, MT is offering a $10 discount for our members for the mail in registration.  Email for details. There is also a discount for running the double. 

7/25-26/15 Mainly Marathons New Mexico State Parks Series--NM, CO is offering a $10 discount. Use the code:

8/16/15 Big Wild Life Runs
--Anchorage, AK is offering a $10 discount for our members.  Use the code: BWLR50.

8/24-30/15 Mainly Marathons New England Series--ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NY is offering a $10 discount. Use the code:

9/13/15 Boring Marathon
--Boring, OR is offering a discount.  Email the race director for the code:

9/14-19/15 Mainly Marathons Center of the Nation Series--MT, ND, SD, WY, NE, CO is offering a $10 discount. Use the code:

9/20/15 Fox Cities Marathon
--Appleton, WI
is offering a $10 discount for our members.  Use the code: 50MARCL.

9/26/15 Monument Marathon
--Gering, NE is offering a discount to our members.  Use the code: MM50States.

10/11-17/15 Mainly Marathons Appalachian Series--WV, VA, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL is offering a $10 discount. Use the code:

10/25/15 Cape Cod Marathon--Falmouth, MA is offering a $10 discount.  Email for the code.

10/31-11/6/15 Mainly Marathons Day of the Dead Series-
-Las Cruces, NM is offering a $10 discount. Use the code:

11/8/15 Gobbler Grind Marathon--
Overland Park, KS is offering a
$10 discount for members.  Use the code: 50statesrocks

11/22/15 Route 66 Marathon
--Tulsa, OK is offering a private VIP tent, professional group photo, private restrooms, private gear check, private supply of post-race food, Gatorade, water, soft drinks and lots of beer, and complimentary booth at the expo. Sign up by 9/1/15 as a member of the 50 States Marathon Club and receive a custom race number and special marathon finisher medal. Make sure to stop by the booth to receive your wristband to access the Maniac Corner!

12/20/15 First Day of Winter 50K-
-Portsmouth, OH is offering a 10% discount.  Use the code: stater10

3/19-20/16 Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon--Seabrook, TX is offering a 50 state challenge. One person from each state will have their registration refunded to them at packet pickup.  You must show current ID in that state.

------Invitations to our members-----
Beth Davenport has had a good response from her local running club about a "buddy system" to have a New Mexico "buddy" for our club members travelling to New Mexico for any of their marathons. 

If any 50 States Marathon Club members or their families are interested in the ultimate running tour of Chicago from City Running Tours-Chicago, Marlin Keesler will personally set them up with generous discounts no one else gets (only for contacts directly connected with the 50 States Marathon Club).

You can order an autographed copy of Dane Rauschenberg's book, See Dane Run (order from Paypal). Or you can order from his blog:   

I’d like your help in promoting my autobiography, Running through My Mind: Confessions of an Every Day Runner.   After 105,000+ miles and (literally) running every day for over 28 years, I think I’ve managed to compile the complete book of running.  From Peachtree to Boston to a ‘run across Georgia’ to 24-hour endurance runs to Badwater to Western States—I’ve managed to taste a little bit of everything running has to offer in my quest to cover the spectrum in my running career (which is still going strong, by the way).  I would appreciate it if you would forward this to the members of your running club as well as anyone else you believe might be interested or in need of a little motivation, a little inspiration, and a whole lot of entertainment.  Thanks in advance for your support.  -Scott Ludwig  Available now on  100% of author royalties will be donated to the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association in memory of the author's parents.

Kevin Smith with Your Run is looking for marathon stories. If you have a running story you would like to share, or would like to read other runners' stories, check out their website.

Bethann Powers
is offering 20% off each item of her "Uniquely Colorful Activewear".

From Fairbanks to Boston - 50 Great U.S. Marathons
  This book provides a fun and informative "where to" resource about marathon experiences.  Available for $16.95 (+$4 shipping - US) from  or 425-226-1518 or 509-966-0188 -Bob&Lenore Dolphin

Our Life on the Run
This is Marlin Keesler's story of running all 50 states -a six and a half year race across America that he and his family would embark on - one in which the benefits of travel would do more for his two children afflicted with a rare learning disorder than any classroom could offer.


Heading Toward the Final Finish Line
Book about Rick Karampatsos' run through the 50 states and crossing the many finish lines throughout life. 

602 E. Alexander St. Plant City, FL 33563
$15.99 (free S/H) and copy will be autographed.

The Mad Man, The Marathoner - The Life of Marathoner Donald P. NcNelly book by Juanita Tischendorf is now available.  (book)

Finish Line Feeling is a book by Liz Ferro, founder of Girls with Sole.  (book) 

Copyright 2001   50 States Marathon Club   
All rights reserved.